‘I Did It My Way: The Modern Asian Man’s Guide to Complete Social Success’ Book Release

by The Asian Playboy on November 6, 2011

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Asian Playboy’s Triple Product Launch: Text To Sex, Modern Asian Man, & Practical Day Game

Asian Playboy’s Triple Product Launch: Text To Sex, Modern Asian Man, & Practical Day Game


“I Did It My Way: The Modern Asian Man’s Guide to Complete Social Success” is the definitive reference, dating guide, and self-improvement bible to understanding the complexities of the modern day dating scene for the Renaissance-style Asian gentleman.

Complete with lifestyle section that includes dating tips, pickup strategies, practical exercises and a plethora of self-help material you can use right away as well as chew on for months afterwards, this essential handbook will give you all the information you need to take complete control of your romantic and sexual destiny.

Written by JT Tran (also known as “The Asian Playboy”), the Founder of ABCs of Attraction, “Modern Asian Man” is chock full of tactics, lessons, fundamental principles, and plenty of narratives and anecdotes from Tran’s vast experiences in meeting, dating, and romantically connecting with women. More than just a simple “ebook”, there’s something for everyone in this concisely written guidebook.

Tran starts with an outline of the easy to understand, proven, and highly successful ABCs of Attraction conversational structure. He covers different approach styles (indirect versus direct) and also provides an entire spectrum of ready-to-use openers that range from “low-investment” openers to “kamikaze” openers. Tran himself has tested and proven the effectiveness of these openers through many years of experience in the field and now, they are yours to form an essential tool in the arsenal of a growing army of “Modern Asian Men.”

Lots of guys learn how to approach women with all kinds of openers by reading ebooks, but very few ever really learn how to connect with women in a way that really anchors their attraction. After providing a complete introduction to openers, Tran dives right into the another fundamentally important skill– story telling. A master story teller himself, Tran provides plenty of illustrations and examples that can help you work on this extremely important skill.

To make this subject easier to understand, Tran has divided the general subject of storytelling into 10 areas:

  1. Sexual Safety,
  2. (Future) Ambitions,
  3. Being Edgy,
  4. Primal/Sexual Masculinity,
  5. Being a Leader of Men,
  6. Dominance, Social Proof (Authority),
  7. Social Proof (Women and Pre-Selection).
  8. Etc

These 10 areas (referred to as “attraction switches”), represent essential topics which, when incorporated into your storytelling repertoire, will allow you to convey the most attractive aspects of your personality to a woman in a very short period of time.

The book continues with an in-depth analysis on various aspects of non-verbal communication. Topics covered include:

  1. Body language,
  2. Body language positioning (BLP),
  3. Tonality,
  4. Social Proofing,
  5. Fashion,
  6. Dancing,
  7. Kino (incidental casual contact),
  8. Sensuality & Escalation,
  9. Compliance Testing,
  10. Etc

The simple fact is that you need Kino to escalate sexually.

  • But how do you learn it and practice it in the real world with real women?
  • How often do you find yourself surrounded by women playfully touching you?
  • How often is that hot girl sitting on your lap?

It’s not an easy thing to learn, but to give you a head start, Tran provides 9 in-depth tests and examples that you can use right out of the box in order to become a well-rounded “Modern Asian Man.”

Finally, many drills and exercises are provided in the dating and pickup manual portion to help you solidify and strengthen your skills. And if that’s not enough, Tran also provides guidelines on:

  • How to build a social circle,
  • How to build an attractive lifestyle,
  • How to have “dating” level hygiene,
  • How to improve your fashion sense,
  • And he even provides an in-depth discussion and analysis on the controversial aspect of racism as it pertains to dating and pickup– a topic that no other author even begins to scratch the surface of!

In short, “I Did It My Way: The Modern Asian Man’s Guide to Complete Social Success” is the absolute blueprint and foundation you need to gain a keen understanding of social dynamics, relationships, and self-actualization.

At a whopping 200+ pages, this is a reference you will read and re-read as you continue to improve and transform yourself into the “Modern Asian Man” you know you can and want to be.

[NOTE: At this time, "I Did It My Way: The Modern Asian Man's Guide to Complete Social Success" ebook is NOT being sold separately. It, including "Practical Day Game - An infield footage video training course", must be purchased together with the flagship product "Text To Sex"-- a 6 hour video course on everything from getting a girl's phone number, to getting a date, to talking or texting with her on the phone, all the way to actually meeting with her in person. It also includes bonus videos on the do's and don'ts of dating from a woman's perspective by Sarah Ann, as well as transcripts, templates, an ebook, an audio guide on number closing, and it even comes with a free workbook to help you track your progress. Start your journey to holistic pickup, confidence, and dating mastery here: http://www.texttosex.com].

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