Top 10 Pickup Artists of 2011 (Who Didn’t Creep Me Out)

by The Asian Playboy on June 16, 2011

[UPDATE: This blog is no longer being updated. For the very best and very latest in my continuing (mis)adventures, techniques, results, and pictures, please go to my ABCs of Attraction Blog! Thanks and I'll see you on the other side! - JT]

Matador and Asian Playboy at Neil Strauss VH1 party

Matador and Asian Playboy at Neil Strauss's VH1 party

There are a lot of names in the Seduction Industry that it can be a truly confusing mess. Who to trust, who’s as good as they say they are, who are scam artists, etc. For every good PUA, there are at least 10 creepy wannabes pickup artists and scam artists.

So I can’t really speak to all those questions and issues.

Quite frankly I avoid immersing myself too much in the PUA Community except for the occasional trade show and I avoid reading and watching other pickup artist’s material like the plague. But that doesn’t help YOU make sense of this confusing mess.

So I thought that I would give my list of PUAs that I’ve hung out with in real life (not including my own personal friends like William the Better Asian Man as that would be obviously unfair). Some are friends while others professional acquaintances. What this is NOT is a list of the Top Pick Up Artist of 2011, as in who is the best teacher or best pickup artist or who runs the best bootcamps or has the best pick same night lay game.

Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t.

Instead, this is a list of people that I don’t mind, and even enjoy hanging out with. We’ve either done business or spent personal time together in a non-professional, personal setting. I can’t speak for their pickup artist bootcamps, or how good they are, and whatnot. This is a list of the Top PUAs of 2011 That Didn’t Creep Me Out and that’s it.

(My apologies in advance to those that didn’t make the list, I could only put 10 names up there!)

With that in mind take this list (in no real order) as you will. To each of them, I asked this question:

“If a man got amnesia and lost all his pickup and seduction skills tomorrow, what’s the first thing you’d teach him to do before anything else and why?”

And here’s what they had to say (with NO affiliate links whatsoever mind you)…

Top 10 PUAs of 2011 (That Didn’t Creep Me Out)

  1. Matador (Venusian Arts) -
    Matador and JT Tran (in Hollywood)

    Matador and JT Tran (in Hollywood)

    I’ve known Matador for YEARS. He’s one of my oldest PUA friends since we both started back in 2004. I remember sarging with him (and accidentally AMOGGING him) back in 2004 in Orange County. He and I both have gone a long way from where we were before: two newbie wannabe PUAs running around town experimenting with different tactics, strategies and just basically having a good ol’ fun time with it. Nowadays. we’re old war horses and veterans in the industry and I’m very glad to have seen his rising success in the community and out of it from his own TV show to movies and Broadway plays. MATADOR’S ANSWER: “I would teach him about the types of value and how you can manipulate them in your favor while dealing with the opposite sex.”

  2. Bravo (Bravo PUA) -
    From R2L: Bravo, JT Tran, Gareth Jones (at PUA Summit)

    From R2L: Bravo, JT Tran, Gareth Jones (at PUA Summit)

    I first met Bravo at Neil Strauss’s mansion party for VH1 The Pickup Artist when he worked for Stylelife. We’ve hung out at the occasional PUA trade show and he’s very much a man’s man. He’s since moved on from Los Angeles, but he’s still out there helping out guys in need. BRAVO’S ANSWER:The very first thing I would teach a guy who forget everything is that this IS something you can learn and get better at. When that lightswitch flipped in my head it transformed me from a chubby. depressed 25 yr old divorcé who was dreading getting back into the dating scene, into a guy who now had hope that he would get better at this and not go through such a horrible experience again. I would like to explain this to him while working on something that makes an instance difference, a fashion and hair make over (I like to be efficient!). When you look good you feel good and that confidence then makes everything easier.”

  3. Kezia Noble (Kezia Noble) -
    Kezia Noble and JT Tran (in London)

    Kezia Noble and JT Tran (in London)

    I’ve collaborated with Kezia Noble for a PUA All Star Workshop and while I know there’s controversy surrounding whether or not a female can actually teach pickup, I personally find the unique insight that Kezia Noble gives into the female psyche to be fascinating and it simple reinforces what I already know. I’ve always known that the certain techniques and things that I do work consistently, but it’s also nice to hear from a beautiful girl WHY it’s working on her and WHAT she’s thinking. That and her wing-girl Dassy prefers Asian men and that’s always a plus in my book! KEZIA NOBLE’S ANSWER: “First thing I would teach him is ‘to perfect his body language’ simply because this is exactly what I teach all the students who come to me with no skills. Perfecting body language is the same as behavioural therapy, which I am a great believer of, and it is something which has helped my students a lot. Once you create the ideal confident body language, from position of legs all the way to facial expression and eye contact, you literally change your INNER state as a result. Literally our actions shape our beliefs. When you walk and talk like a confident human being, not only does your internal anxiety disapear rapidily, but you also become that confident person.As a result your energy that you give off changes too, and this is one of the first things a girl pick up on.”

  4. Vince Kelvin (Seduction Coaching) -
    From L2R: Vince Kelvin, JT Tran, and James Marshall (Melbourne)

    From L2R: Vince Kelvin, JT Tran, and James Marshall (in Melbourne)

    I was first introduced to Vince Kelvin through Johnny Wolf when they started holding the annual PUA Summit in Hollywood. Through that long and intense weekend, I vividly remember thinking, “How the hell does these little man with a funny European accent have SO MUCH ENERGY??!” Vince is a freaking terminator and dynamo. Recently we shared a hotel and spoke at the Sydney PUA Summit and let me tell you, Vince Kelvin has no Approach Anxiety whatsoever and is completely fearless not to mention genuinely caring and fun. VINCE KELVIN’S ANSWER: “If a man had amnesia, I would first teach him [is that] (1) Every reason why you shouldn’t or couldn’t talk to a girl is nothing but a convenient excuse! (2) Everything a women says or does you can use to your own advantage!”

  5. James Marshall (The Natural Lifestyles) – I met James Marshall at the Australian Master Class Tour where we also took time to do a video about Natural Game. We’ve done several tradeshows together and both Gareth Jones and I have had the pleasure of his gracious hospitality in crashing at his place and being introduced to his circle of amazing friends, staff, and beautiful girls.JAMES MARSHALL’S ANSWER: “Firstly, great question. Nothing like stripping everything away to ground level to make you think about what is really important. I would teach my amnesiac Casanova to do the following: Watch everyone closely. Watch the way they walk, the way they look at each other, how they dress and how they react to each other. Look at how women respond to men, the more precisely and detailed the better. The secrets to seduction lie in awareness. Watch yourself internally, how you react, the patterns of your thoughts, your excuses and realise they are not you, just passing patterns. Watch carefully the social world around you, without preconception and the matrix starts to become apparent. My Gong Fu teacher in China once told me: “At first sight of the enemy, do nothing. Next gather reconnaissance. Finally, act-never bluff”. In other words, awareness, understanding, action. It’s all there, the rest is just details.”
  6. Keychain (Love Systems) -
    Keychain and Asian Playboy at the Real Man Conference

    Keychain and Asian Playboy at the Real Man Conference

    I met Keychain while speaking at the Real Man Conference where we shared a hotel room.  We spoke about the books we liked to read, music, how to sneak past customs, had a proper pint at a proper British pub and I’ve even had the opportunity to listen to him play. Keychain has always been gracious enough with an open offer to crash at his pad in London, but each time I go over, I always end up shacking up with a beautiful London girl for the weekend. KEYCHAIN’S ANSWER: “Live a full life. Engage in your career, take care of your body,invest in the people around you and pursue your passions. The rest will take care of itself.”

  7. Johnny Soporno (Worthy Playboy) – One of the more interesting and flavorful characters in the industry, Johnny Soporno invited us out to these porn star club parties in Los Angeles. We’ve done the tradeshows together and I’ve had the privilege of hanging with him out in Toronto. At the very least, I find his personal philosophy on women and sex to be absolutely fascinating. JOHNNY SOPORNO’S ANSWER: “If I lost my memory, the very first thing I’d want to relearn would be how to spot a woman in ‘estrus’ (ovulating/in heat), because once you can identify them, you don’t need any Game at all, just happy self-satisfaction, and the comfort to approach and say “Hey!” without averting your eyes while you’re walking over. When the woman is ovulating, she’s not looking for Mister Right, she’ll take Mister Right-Now!”
  8. RedPoleQ (PickUp Asia) -
    RedPoleQ and JT Tran (in Sydney, Australia)

    RedPoleQ and JT Tran (in Sydney, Australia)

    I’ve hung out with RedPoleQ during the Australian Master Class Tour where we did a video on his tactics on picking up Asian girls. We’ve had a lot of fun sarging Sydney together and he was an incredible sport taking caring of a grenade while I took my girl behind the store. REDPOLEQ’S ANSWER:I would tell him to learn martial arts and get into a real ring fight. Seriously. Could be Kung-fu, or Boxing, or MMA. Doesn’t matter.Rationale being this, if he lost all his memory, the first thing he needs is to regain his sense of identity … stop thinking and get his “killer” masculine instinct back. Really, I can think of no way besides getting him to fight,be in tune with himself, his sense of self and his body. Not to mention his confidence.After that, it gets easy. All we’re talking about is some skills.But identity and grounding before skills … and considering he forgot everything – i’ll get him to fight.I know for me, learning martial arts was a big part of my development. Pushing my body to its limits, getting beat up, knocked out and then getting back up again–just deciding to get in the ring with someone who was trying to bash my brains in is a lot like dealing with AA.I think that’s one reason I was able to deal with AA and move on to the rest of my game so quickly.”

  9. Speer (Speer Method) -
    From L2R: Adam Lyons, JT Tran, Speer, & Johnny Wolf (in Los Angeles)

    From L2R: Adam Lyons, JT Tran, Speer, & Johnny Wolf (in Los Angeles)

    I met Speer out in Miami while I was running a Miami bootcamp. For having never once met, Speer was a very gracious host about town, proudly showing us his beautiful city, driving us around, and giving us the scoop on the best places to go. A big proponent of lifestyle game, I recently spoke at Speer’s Global Pickup Conference. SPEER’S ANSWER:I would teach a man to love himself, go out, have a good time and enjoy his lifestyle. All the things listed above break down into one thing – enjoying ones lifestyle. You see the problem stems from low self esteem and an lack of “Lifestyle Gravity”. Most people even with a solid lifestyle can’t share it for a lack of understanding the principals it takes to effectivly communicate it without sounding like they are bragging. Lifestyle Gravity – a force that makes people gravitate into your life. Primarily based on the way you live and the vibe you send out.”

  10. Adam Lyons (PUA Training) - I met Adam at one of the many tradeshows where we did a video and we keep on running into each whether it’s for a PUA conference or we’re both coincidentally running a bootcamp in London. Married to the beautiful Amanda Lyons (a native Dallasite like myself), Adam Lyons is a genuinely good guy with incredible motivational speaking skills. Yes, he is British, but I forgive for him that. ADAM LYON’S ANSWER:If a man got amnesia and lost all of his pick up and seduction skills tomorrow, the first thing I would teach him is to make female friends. I would teach him that it is not about hitting on women right away or having sex with them, but to concentrate on having a healthy social ife. This would be taught in a multi-platform approach. The first thing would be to join a program or group that has classes with girls. For example, a gym that has yoga, dance classes, cardio kickboxing, etc. Or a comedy group, acting class, painting class, lazer tag league… It can be anything. The next step would be to organize an event that would then lead up to it being a singles event. For example, speed dating would work. You can spread the word about this through friends and word of mouth, putting out a Facebook blast, making a group and telling everyone to bring more people to ensure it is a success.The last thing I would teach him would be to go out and about in bars and clubs. Once he has a solid foundation of friends and women in his life it would then make sense to go out to meet new people. They would already add to his social circle and fit with the aim of having a female heavy life. I would make sure he then knew to sexually escalate on all of the new girls to have them appreciate him as a touchy feely person who is in touch with his sexuality. Then he can use that basis and preselection to date who he wants to date.

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