Kezia Noble’s 10 Hook Lead System & Deep Connection

by The Asian Playboy on April 7, 2011

Kezia Noble from PUA Training with Asian Playboy

Kezia Noble from PUA Training with Asian Playboy

I don’t normally endorse anyone’s products. It’s nothing personal, but so many people want my endorsement and I just don’t have the time. However, one of the few people that I’m comfortable with introducing my readers to is someone that I’ve collaborated with on both programs well as videos.

I haven’t had the chance to check it out in person (I’ll be reviewing them this summer), but I know Kezia and I know she knows her stuff. This Alpha bitch with a heart knows what makes other women tick and she shares her knowledge in two of her newest, ground breaking products.

Check it out!

10 Hook Lead System:
10 hook lead system

This system is a great skill to master if ‘running out of things to say’ is your sticking point.

Kezia gives a powerful insight in to the female mind as well as showing you how to build up rapport and comfort with a woman on a rapid scale.

Turning the approach or opening line into a full blown conversation is a very common problem. but with the 10 hook lead system , Kezia will show you how to transition from opening line to a full blown interaction very quickly, on ANY type of girl! Including the difficult and non responsive women too.

Deep Connection:
Deep Connection

Kezia will show you in this DVD set how to get behind the girls ego, the girls superficial mask that she wears, and how to not get caught up in her ‘auto responses’ by using a step by step skill that will help you achieve impact by using deep connection.

Women will be amazed by your insight and the positive impact you make! By using deep connection, you will stand out from the other guys, and you will gain her FULL attention, and with this powerful skill you will make her want to see you again and again

  • Gary

     Thanks for recommending this. I heard she really is good. I’ll surely check this out now.