Be the Anti-PUA: Valentine’s Day for Fun Up Artists

by The Asian Playboy on February 7, 2011

Is romance dead on Valentine's Day?

Is romance dead on Valentine's Day?

For those of you taking women out this Valentine’s Day (which should be all of you!), I am going to give you a mission.

Your mission may seem contrary to everything you have learned in however long you’ve been involved in our community, but it’s not. It may seem like a sabotage of the man you have become since starting your journey, but it’s not.

It may also seem too easy. That, however, it is.

Relax, lean back, and take a deep breath. This will be a trying concept for you to wrap your mind around, I know, and you must enlist your strongest mental faculties for the cause.

Your mission this Valentine’s day is to stop being a PUA. Just for one day.

You will be the Anti-PUA. You will be a FUN UP ARTIST!

What do I mean by this?

I mean that this one day is your chance to be a Fun Up Artist and and do with all of the things you’ve been taught so vehemently to avoid as a PUA.

  • I want you to buy your girl dinner.
  • Buy your girl drinks.
  • Hell, even bring her flowers and maybe chocolates, too!

Valentine’s Day is not just another day, Valentine’s Day is a challenge.

Every other day of the year, we must embody the independence of man- the Fun Up Artist- while opening ourselves, slowly and carefully, to beautiful women we meet in order to find out if they are right for us.

  • Are these women worth our time?
  • Are they as motivated and intelligent and capable of increasing the quality of my life as we are to them?

We are not going to sacrifice ourselves for just any woman. We must be the unflinching rock in the storm of whatever club or bar or venue we may be in. Valentine’s day is different because, and please take note, this day is a test of being an Anti-PUA.

Valentine’s Day is a test of our abilities to out-do ourselves in the realm of romance as the Fun Up Artist. Along with her birthday, this is the day which we consciously make the decision to spoil our woman. We are entering in to a race against ourselves, to see who can make her more overwhelmed with pleasure and delight and I will tell you why we do it on this day.

WARNING: Supplication is the great eliminator.

The man that puts her comfort before his is sacrificing himself and is, therefore, inherently unattractive to her. He holds no reproductive value, only the promise of bland pleasantries and an easier life. He is not a mate or a lover, he is a servant that can be kept and used at a woman’s whim. He is definitely neither a Pick Up Artist nor a Fun Up Artist.

Who can blame them?

To remove the likelihood of being dismissed as “the nice guy”, we fight against this stereotype to achieve positive results: Attraction for being morally unflinching and dominant enough to show that we get what we want, when we want it.

These are qualities that tap into the biology of women every day and inspire huge, chemical responses that intrigue, attract, and arouse her. These are incredibly powerful buttons to push.

However, on Valentine’s days of yore, men have spent thousands of years showing her exactly how good we are at pushing the other buttons; not the buttons of challenge and intrigue, but the buttons of sensory (and sensual) delight. This year, it’s your turn as the Fun Up Artist.

So, this Valentine’s Day, make your girl feel incredibly special in a way that no man, let alone a lowly pick up artist, has ever done before.

Whether it be the apropos dinner and a movie, or a last-minute flight to an exotic locale, make it your Fun Up Artist mission to show her exactly how well you understand what it is that women want, and how good you are at giving that to her.

And last but not least, trust me when I say she will take the rest of the year to repay you with the wonderful delicacies and feminine charms that only women have (wink wink).








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