8 Physical Activities Where You Can Meet Women

by James Chan on January 16, 2011

Guest blogger James Chan is the author of a series of bodybuilding books titled Strength and Physique available on Amazon. He is also the founder of the Alpha Asian blog.

8 Physical Activities Where You Can Meet Women

8 Physical Activities Where You Can Meet Women

One of the things you’ve probably put on your list of New Year’s resolutions is to exercise more. Everybody knows exercise keeps you fit and healthy and that a fit, healthy body attracts women. But if you had to put exercise on your resolutions list, then chances are you hate to exercise.

I have a personal training background, so I lift weights for exercise. As far as transforming your body from scrawny to brawny, from fat to fit, strength training is the way to go. You can pick and choose exercises to target problem areas on your body and build a lean sexy physique

Not everybody, however, enjoys weight training. You may enjoy other forms of physical activity and that’s OK. You may like mountain climbing, bicycling, break dancing or badminton. You may hate the gym environment and prefer fresh air and sun. Some form of exercise is better than no exercise.

Exercise, whether it’s in the gym or outdoors, is a great way to practice your day game. You can kill 2 birds with one stone. So even if you don’t meet anybody interesting, then at least you got a good workout.

The following are physical activities that are good alternatives to commercial the gym. You’ll work up a good sweat and meet lots of women:

  1. Yoga - Yoga is an excellent way to work on your flexibility, posture and muscle tone. It also helps you to relax, so if you’re a Nervous Ned who suffers from approach anxiety all the time, then yoga will help slow down your breathing and heartbeat. Although it’s been changing over the past few years, way more women take yoga than men, so you will find lots of fit, flexible females in these classes.
  2. Running- Running is normally a solitary activity, but you can find running group on sites like Meetup.com, ExerciseFriends.com and Craig’s List groups.
  3. Martial Arts – If you like babes who kick ass, then martial arts classes will have some femme fatales. The ratio of women to men will vary depending on the discipline, but you may be surprised to find women in some brutal disciplines such as kickboxing, Brazilian jujitsu and Krav Maga.
  4. Team Sports – I once read this intriguing piece of advice on a now defunct forum for Asian men, “Join a competitive sports club or two. If you pick mixed sports, get on the crappy team. They have the hottest chicks. The good ones are full of lesbians.” If you live in a city with large Chinese populations, then try Dragon boat racing.
  5. Bicycling – From what I can tell, bicycling is very male-dominated. Very few women bike in groups. But if you enjoy bicycling and find a bicycling group with a good ratio of women to men, then you may want to consider joining it.
  6. Rock Climbing – The women I’ve known who love rock climbing all have toned and tight bodies. So if you don’t have a problem with heights, consider rock climbing.
  7. Hiking – Hiking groups are great, because you can talk and walk at the same time.
  8. Dancing – Women are impressed with guys who can dance, so take up salsa dancing, ballroom dancing or swing dance.

  • Gary

     I might give Yoga a try. Thanks!