Blasian Bytch Interviews an Asian Pick Up Artist, Parts 2 and 3

by The Asian Playboy on December 16, 2010

Blasian Bytch interviews the #1 Asian Pick Up Artist

Blasian Bytch interviews the #1 Asian Pick Up Artist

And here are the final two parts of my interview with the Blasian Bytch. Some juicy quotes are included, but headed over and then tell me what you think!

First, Interview of an Asian Pick Up Artist, Part Two:

Blasian Bytch: There are also those that might accuse you of taking advantage of those Asian men that feel disillusioned and disadvantaged when dating in America?

Asian Playboy: Well again, proof is in the pudding. I’ve been teaching for 5 years and they say that 90% of businesses fail in their first or second year. I have a proven track record of 5 years and I’ve taught thousands of Asian men across the globe on every major continent and I have hundreds of reviews and video testimonials. So if you look at the proof and look at the results my students are getting. I’m teaching them how to be successful with women of all colors, particularly white but that’s just because there are more white women in this country, but they’re successful with all women. Hispanic, Indian all types in fact this past weekend in the San Francisco boot camp two guys there fully romantically connect with women during the program.

And Interview of an Asian Pick Up Artist, Part Three:

Blasian Bytch: As a Black girl, you could expand your horizons all you want, doesn’t mean that anybody wants to join you on that journey. I’ve fucked a lot of Asians dudes… haven’t met a lot of their parents.

Asian Playboy: I absolutely agree. My parents are pretty racist – at least my stepdad is. So you’re absolutely right in that regard. But I also know that for Asian guys when we tell them to ‘Go up to that Black girl and tell her she’s gorgeous’, in a certain way there’s a lot more resistance to that. It’s not because of social hierarchy, more like a Black girl is definitely not going to like an Asian guy. Every time they do it and it works they’re incredibly… they’re more surprised by that than when a White girl responds very positively. There aren’t that many White/Asian role models if you will – media imagery reinforcement. It’s almost non-existent when it comes to seeing a Black girl liking Asian men.

In all my experience, they have a perception that Black girls do not like Asian men. Whatever prejudice you believe that a White girl has against Asian men, it’s double for Black girls. Sometimes you have to put it out there, there’s always going to be a certain amount of prejudice. One thing about Asian guys is that they feel that Black women are definitely not for Asian/Black couples until they actually experience it for themselves.